StickStay – Walking Stick Holder (Pack of 4) – FREE DELIVERY

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Pack of 4 comes as 2 packs of 2.

There are 3 ways you can utilise the StickStay Walking Stick Holder. It comes with suction pads to adhere to flat surfaces, secondly it comes with screws if you wish to fix it to a wall and thirdly it comes with a strong fabric band (as seen in the photo) that secures your StickStay in place to almost any chair.

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Do you know a walking stick user who has sadly fallen while reaching for their stick? StickStays can help reduce this from happening. The StickStay makes life easier and safer for all walking stick users. Walking sticks have a mind of their own sometimes; it doesn’t matter where you lean your stick, it will inevitably fall to the ground. Reaching down to pick the stick back up can lead to falls and subsequent injuries for those who are unsteady on their feet.

StickStays are affordable walking stick holders that solve this problem, holding your walking stick upright and preventing it from falling. The StickStay can be attached to many household surfaces including chairs, beds, kitchen units and more. The frustration and danger of a fallen stick is a thing of the past.

Since video production, the StickStay Walking Stick Holder is now sold as a pack of 2.

StickStay – Walking Stick Holder (Pack of 4) – FREE DELIVERY
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