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Caroline Brown started her nursing career at St.Thomas’ Hospital in London, then moved on to The Radcliffe Infirmary in Oxford before returning to London to further qualify as a Sick Children’s nurse at Great Ormond Street.

While working in the community in and around the Dorset villages, she became aware of the many conditions affecting her patients and what caused them difficulties and often anxiety of their impending loss of independence.

So in 2008 The Huntingford Company was set up to address challenges faced everyday by many people at home, by producing easy to use, attractive and affordable devices to enable their safer and more enjoyable independent living.  So if you or someone you know has something that is driving them mad or causing any difficulties, then please contact us for help.

Creator of walking stick holder, Caroline.
StickStay, the walking stick holder.
Walking stick holder mounted on wall.
Walking stick holder being used.

The StickStay®

At last! A really very useful Birthday or Christmas present for all walking stick users.

If you want to buy a present for your older friends and family members who need to use a walking stick, then this is really for you! For large Orders for Nursing Homes, Town Councils etc, please contact me directly to discuss your reduction deal!

Below is a short film that shows you in detail how simple it is to use. Enormous thanks to the stars of the show, Tony, Shirley and Anne! What fun we had making it! Sorry about the arrow on my nose but YouTube put it there and it would be an expensive surgical procedure to remove it!

Those of us who use walking sticks or have friends and relatives that do, will certainly have come across their infuriating habit of falling to the floor. So Caroline set about addressing this problem with the StickStay, which is affordable, attractive and so easy to use. The Home Pack contains four anti-microbial StickStays with all their necessary fixings and costs £19.

This simple and incredibly helpful little device was designed with guidance from the HDTI (Health Design & Technology Institute) at Coventry University, who have a track record of designing in this field.

The StickStays can to be easily adapted to be used about the home, to suit a variety of situations for holding the stick upright for its user. It can be secured to either the arm of a favourite chair or sofa which has a detatchable cushion.  It cannot be attached to the Recliner type of chair but could easily be screwed to the wall near by. It can also be attached to the head end of the bed or again screwed conveniently to the near by wall, so that it is easily accessible during the night or first thing in the morning. It can also be attached to the side of the fridge or similar surface while its user works in the kitchen and of course, the StickStay can be screwed into any wall such as in the bathroom, so conveniently holding the stick while the user bathes, showers or goes to the loo.

The Huntingford Company’s mission is to have one in every single public loo throughout the United Kingdom; in all hospitals both NHS and Private, every Nursing and Residential home, all Town Council facilities, Super Markets, libraries, loos in cinemas, sports grounds, not to mention shop counters and reception areas, as well as a few to hand for people using the disabled seating in public transport buses and the underground.

Intellectual Property protection is in place in the form of Patent Pending, and we have now protected it with Design Registration to also extend into Europe..

The Instructions are available in Braille on request, of course at no extra charge.

The eeZee® Pet Feeder

So simple to use as it is ergonomically designed, made from sturdy yet lightweight materials with antimicrobial properties, weighs as little as 560 gm, or just a little over 1 lb. This makes it easy to move and lift onto a convenient work surface to wash or replenish the bowls and then lower back to the floor again. The bowls click on and off simply from the base of the handle. They also come in two sizes to accommodate a range of pets from tiny cats to hungry Labradors! And in colours to suit everyone’s taste!

An Health & Safety risk assessment was carried out on this product and the design was adjusted to comply with their advice.

Many people whom we have approached think every pet owner would benefit from having one, not just those ageing, which is an enormous market given the ageing demographic forecast, not to mention:

  • The 80,000 patients with hip and knee replacements.
  • The countless wheelchair users.
  • Injured sports players.
  • Expectant mothers.
  • Those with sight problems.
  • And even those who just wish to speed up and simplify pet feeding.

The Instruction leaflet will also be available in Braille on request. Intellectual Property protection is in place in the form of Patent Pending and Design Registration which also covers Europe. We are looking at donating to an appropriate charity, a % on the sale of each eeZee Pet Feeder.

eeZee, the pet feeder, from the creator of StickStays.
The founder of StickStays walking stick holders, Caroline.
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