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Making Life EASIER and SAFER for all walking stick users

It doesn’t matter where you lean your walking stick, it inevitably ends up crashing to the ground becoming a trip hazard. Picking it up sounds so simple, but reaching down is a major cause of falls and subsequent injuries for those who are unsteady on their feet.

This timeless problem is now easily solved with affordable StickStays, The Walking Stick Holder – incredibly helpful little devices that will hold a walking stick upright, preventing it from falling.

Our walking stick holders can easily be fastened against many different surfaces around the house (fixings are supplied to cater for walls, tiles, sofas, chairs, beds, kitchen units, refrigerators, etc.). So whether you simply want to sit down in a favourite chair, prepare a meal, pop to the loo or go to bed, a number of strategically positioned StickStays ensure your walking stick is always within easy reach. The frustration and danger of a fallen stick is a thing of the past.

Prevent walking sticks falling and becoming trip hazards.

Avoid falls and subsequent injuries caused when reaching for fallen sticks.

Easy installation on many surfaces without damaging furniture.

Discreet, anti-bacterial and universal design fits the majority of walking sticks.

Easy to use with a simple push and pull action.

Since video production, the StickStay Walking Stick Holder is now sold as a pack of 2.

Where to buy StickStays online and retail stockists. Bulk purchasing for businesses and organisations.

Meet Caroline Brown, the inventor of StickStays and hear the story behind the product.

Get in touch, whether for customer feedback, or to run a PR story, we’d love to hear from you.

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